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Natural Health and Wellness Conference Virtual Summit 2020

Expert doctors, practitioners, and educators share their knowledge on how to take back your health in a natural way.

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Karen Urbanek HHP, TNC

Karen Urbanek is an extremely entertaining, science-based educator speaking on Cell Hacking. Read her full bio HERE

David Christopher

David Christopher specializes in herbs and will present a program for preventing disease by using Vitalistic Herbal Protocols, Nutritional Therapies, and Nature Remedies that address the cause of disease. Read his full bio HERE.

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.

Robert Scott Bell, reveals the latest peer reviewed literature on how to combat cancer without putting your healthy cells in danger. Practical protocols that you can implement for rapid recovery. Read his full bio HERE.

Ray Andrew, M.D.

Dr. Ray Andrew uses the tools of functional and anti-aging medicine to help men and women with complex health problems transform their lives. Read his full bio HERE.

Todd Cameron N.D.

Dr. Cameron has specialized in alternative medicine for over 20 years. He will be speaking on thyroid and adrenal care. Read his full bio HERE.

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, DDS, FAGD, TNC

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, A holistic dentist, will give you answers and help prevent the never-ending loop of exams, fillings, crowns, root canals, surgeries and dental fears that never even address the root of the problem. Visit her bio HERE.

Dr. Kenneth Oliver DC DACNB

Dr. Kenneth Oliver has been practicing at The Neuro Clinic. Hw will be speaking on gut brain connection and diving deeper into the world of immunology. Read his bio HERE.

Paul Barattiero, ND, CHS, CNHP

Paul Barattiero has lectured across the world over the last 20 years teaching ways to quickly reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, improve gut function, increase energy, and brain function with molecular hydrogen. Read his bio HERE.

Dr. Jerald Duggar DC, CGP

Dr. Duggar specializes in intestinal bloating, cramping, inconsistent bowel function, mental fog, stubborn weight issues and autoimmunity. Read his full bio HERE.

Tammie Duggar C.N.E.

Tammie is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and a Transformational Nutrition Coach. She is always on a learning journey to understand the importance food plays in our lives and believes the quality of our food determines the quality of our life. Read her full bio HERE...

Jared St. Clair

Jared hosts a talk radio show called "Vitality Radio" on 1280 the Zone.  He is not afraid to take on big pharma as he exposes the political and corporate side of health. Read his full bio HERE.

Arden Compton

For 16 years Arden has been an expert in emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and related practices. He specializes in freeing people from addictions. Read his full bio HERE.

Alyssa Kuhn DPT

Alyssa Kuhn is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Crossfit Level 1 trainer. She founded Keep the Adventure Alive in Salt Lake City, UT with the passion to help all ages keep doing what they love. Read her full bio HERE.

Jeff Griffin

Jeff Griffin was given a life sentence from a wheelchair and was told he would never walk or move again. He had a different opinion. "I will walk again," he said. You too can learn the steps to overcome the impossible and make it possible. Read his full bio HERE.

Marisa Brodie

Have you ever wanted to incorporate Raw Food in your diet? Marisa is an expert at raw food.. She will be teaching a class on "Tips for Integrating More Raw Food in Your Diet". Read her full bio HERE.

Max Willis, MIM

Max has worked in the nutritional supplement industry for 20 years. With the philosophy that food should be our medicine, he has launched over 300 supplements in every category from herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, EFAs, etc. Read his Full Bio HERE

Andrea Browning

Andrea Browning is a Raw Foodest and loves to teach others about raw food and the benefits it brings to your health. She will teaching a class on "Strengthening the Immune System with Raw Food". Read her full Bio HERE.

Serena Cofer

Using movement and awareness, Serena supports people in transforming their lives. through finding more ease in moving physically, more clarity in thinking and in elevating their overall well-being. Read her full bio HERE.

Benjamin King

Benjamin King is a certified Medical Qigong practitioner and founder of Blue Petal Foundation, Utah's premier Medical Qigong institute. Ben will be teaching an interactive class. Read his full bio HERE.

Kaleb Augat

Kaleb Augat is a Strength & Conditioning Coach as well as a Health & Nutrition Coach.  He is the owner and Co-Founder of Mbody Human PErformance. Read his full bio HERE.

Brooke Bishop

Brooke is known as the Balance Babe. She teaches others how to balance their Chakra systems with Sound Bath. Her unique way of teaching helps brings pease to ones self. Visit her full bio HERE.

LaMonte Wilcox NLP/NAAP

LaMonte has combined the concepts of NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the latest discoveries in neuroscience to create an effective model called NAAP(Neuro Auto-Associative Programming). Read his full bio HERE...


Her love of travel mixed with her continual drive for staying on the cutting edge of health has led her to blend her passion and creativity in publishing her podcast "Travel Gluten Free" for the gluten-free community. Visit her full bio HERE...

Shelly Jo Wahlstrom

Former sugar craver, packrat & yo-yo dieter, Shelly Jo Wahlstrom is a passionate & dedicated Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Recovery & Nutrition Coach. Owner of Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos Nutrition, specializing in Amino Acid Therapy. Read her full bio HERE...

Zachary Manwaring DC

Dr. Zachary Manwaring has been a practicing  Chiropractor at Whole Body Health Care. He specializes in Functional Health. He will be speaking on the benefits of ozone therapy. Read his full bio HERE...

Liz Watt

Not only is Liz the conference coordinator for the Be Healthy Utah, Natural Health and Wellness Conference, she is also a Holistic Wellness Expert, helping others create a better life emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

David Maughan

David struggled with his own health problems and found later he had Type 1 Diabetes. During his journey he created products to help and support the body's own function to restore health. Visit his website HERE...

Kalise Child

Kalise is a professionally trained ballet performer and has been trained and performed all of the world. She loves coaching and teaching ballet and yoga. She is certified in mUvmethod yoga. Read her full bio HERE... 

Karla Norton

Karla Norton has a passion for helping others live their best life. As a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has taught all kinds of fitness classes from step aerobics, spinning, HIIT, resistance training, water aerobics, foam rolling and yoga. Read her full bio HERE...

Billy Moschella

As a personal chef, Billy specializes in the preparation of traditional Italian cuisine as well as international baked goods and pastries.  He believes wholesome, free-range, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients, when prepared with love by skilled hands and a passionate heart, have a way of bringing people together. Visit his bio HERE...

Lisa Ann de Garcia

Lisa Ann spent many years studying the ins and outs of biomedical interventions and how diet and the environment play a huge contributing role in a child's learning. Read her full bio HERE...

Amy Jane

Amy is a very passionate yoga teacher and performs weekly Zoom yoga classes online for her students. Her yoga classes are smooth, dynamic, and encourage her students to be playful in their approach to the practice. Read her full bio HERE...

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