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Karen Urbanek HHP, HHC, TNC

Known by radio talk shows and health conference attendees as the "Cell Health Protector," Karen is out to do one thing: flood your body with the feeling of empowerment! 

Karen has delivered over 1,000 seminars on disease prevention and healthy living, written four books on holistic healthcare and healthy eating (two are text books), founded two Organic cafes, two Holistic Healthcare and Education Centers, two non-profit organizations, and organizes conferences and retreats to date. She is the founder and CEO of Holistic Health Educators offering education worldwide.  If you’ve ever wanted to meet a woman out to set the world on fire for holistic health and self-empowerment, you’ve found her! (And if you were here, she would look you in the eyes and tell you to set your fears aside, follow your God-given vision, and watch the universe conspire to make it happen).

A mother to eleven children (you read that right -11), Karen doesn't just speak from years of research, but from years of experience! Her and her husband Roger raised their family eating and living this way.  She knows both the challenges and the joys that mothers and care-takers face.  Most of her children are now grown and live around the country doing a variety of exciting jobs (from programming fighter jets to running a canine care center), but they reunite whenever possible to "party like its 1999." (Don't underestimate the power of back-yard party lights). 

The beginning of her natural health journey: Having grown up on medications for epilepsy, she was motivated to remove all pharmaceuticals from her life in her early adulthood.  She became epileptic free at age 21 using nutrition and herbs, and further studied to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

To learn more about Karen, visit her websites: 


Instagram: @holistichealtheducators

Facebook: @holisticeducators 


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