Karen Urbanek

Karen Urbanek is an entertaining, science-based educator on fire to help the world get back to the basics of health! Having grown up on medications for epilepsy, Karen was motivated to remove all pharmaceuticals from her life. She became epileptic free and is now a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. An accomplished author, speaker, motivator and mother to eleven, Karen’s passion for the human body and the science of life is felt by all! Karen’s family ran wellness centers, organic grocery stores and organic cafes before Karen became the President of the International Institute of Holistic Health and Education. Karen knows how powerful the body is and how quickly it can heal when understood from a cellular level. Her passion has helped thousands of people heal. She wants that joy, ease and vibrant energy that comes with amazing health for everyone, which is why she devoted her life to teaching others the science of the body. Her teaching style is engaging, easy-to-comprehend and entertaining motivating everyone who hears her to make changes in their own lives. Karen is the author of two bestselling books and the creator of the prestigious Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Certification course and the International Human Body Master Guide.

To learn more about Karen, visit her websites: https://www.i2h2e.com/

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