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Serena Cofer

As a teacher and mother of four, my greatest aim is to help others learn how to learn. 

Using movement and awareness, I support people in transforming their lives - whether that is finding more ease in moving physically, more clarity in thinking or in elevating their overall well-being.

My journey into the Feldenkrais Method began with seeking help for my 14-year old son who lives with rheumatoid arthritis, and my own desire to find a fulfilling career.

I enrolled in an innovative Feldenkrais Training program developed by Jeff Haller, PhD. Through this method, I expected to see the physical improvements my son has experienced and I wasn’t surprised to see my own movement improve as well.

What I did not anticipate was how improving my physical capacities would provide me access to my own inner strength and increase my ability to handle the stresses of life. 

I now help others discover their own possibilities.

As an authorized Awareness Through Movement teacher, I teach several public classes a week and am also available for private bookings. 


Learning is a process, so this is a lifelong journey for me and for everyone who engages with me. I hope you'll join me.

Follow her on Facebook: @ReflectiveConnections

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