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Shelly Jo Wahlstrom

Certified Hypnotherapist and Amino Acid Specialist

Former sugar craver, packrat & yo-yo dieter, Shelly Jo Wahlstrom is a passionate & dedicated Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Recovery & Nutrition Coach. Owner of Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos Nutrition, specializing in Amino Acid Therapy. She is an author "From Crazy to Calm, Natural Ways to Boost YOUR Mental Health"  is scheduled to be released Sept 1st.

Living a fun, adventurous life with her sweetheart of 33 years & family (especially 2 cute granddaughters), she's helped her 3 daughters with challenges of Type 1 diabetes, Postpartum OCD Anxiety, & Addiction, through Amino Acids & a whole lot of love. Shelly's personal experience & expertise is what drives her. She works with hundreds of children to adults each year increase health, confidence & self-esteem creating a balanced brain, nourished body & cleared thoughts & emotions. Hope & Answers come in SIMPLE ways. Life Matters…. YOU Matter

Shelly's Aminos were just named "Best of Top 25 New Products" for the State of Utah!

Visit Shelly Jo's Website at: https://www.hypnoaminos.com/

Follow her on 

Instagram: @shellyjohypnoaminos

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