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Shelly Jo, “The Amino Acid Lady and Hypnotherapist.” - Certified Hypnotherapist; Certified Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Nutrition Coach; Amino Acid Specialist; Owner Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos Nutrition, Bestselling Author - “Feed Your Brain Change Your Life - Take Control of Your Brain, Body, and Emotions. And, Coming Soon - From Crazy to Calm, Natural Ways to Boost Your Mental Health.” Presenter; Basic Amino Acid & Nutrition Trainer; Alliance For Addiction Solutions Board of Directors. Lives Boldly with her family. Favorite name? Grama Shelly, Finally Feel Better NOW Hope & Answers come SIMPLY. Life Matters...YOU Matter! Shelly's Aminos were named "Best of Top 25 New Products" for the State of Utah!

Visit Shelly Jo's Website athttps://www.hypnoaminos.com/

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Instagram: @shellyjohypnoaminos


Youtube: http:www.youtube.com/@shellyjohypnoaminos8060


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