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Tammie Duggar, CNE


I love to inspire and guide others to create amazing levels of joy and happiness in their lives. It feeds my soul. There is something about watching a light turn on in another person when they learn something new. As I have learned to teach others over the years I have developed many skills that help me to take complex things (very few things are as complex as the relationship between food and health) and make them so simple that anyone can master them.

My life has given me so many opportunities to learn and experiment with food. I have been on a learning journey to understand the importance food plays in our lives. I know that it is essential to keep us alive and that the quality of our food determines the quality of our life. I have over two decades of "in the trenches" experience making huge changes in my own and my family's eating habits. 

I've translated my life-long passion for food and food prep into becoming a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert along with becoming a Transformational Nutrition Coach.

Find out more about Tammie, visit her website at: https://www.duggarwellness.com/about-tammie-duggar/

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at: @duggarwellness

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