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Certain foods and nutrients help your brain produce chemicals that can impact your mood, attention, and focus, while other foods can zap your energy.

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in mental health-related issues. A well-nourished brain is a happy brain, and eating the right foods can drastically increase your resilience to sadness, anxiety, and depression

Tammie will share some easy recipes full of the best foods to boost your mood and make your brain happy.

Tammie Duggar has a special inner mission to heal, nurture and nourish other people. One expression of this is her passion for nutrition. She has written several online programs and recipe eBooks. Each is designed with delicious recipes to help people connect with real food, fall in love with the meal preparation process, and recapture that special connection she feels our culture is losing.

Tammie has a love and passion for helping others heal from chronic health issues. This was born from her own experiences trying to answer her complex digestive problems.

Tammie has over 25 years of “in-the-trenches” experience in her own kitchen applying the principles of whole-food nutrition for her family of six. She is a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, specializing in natural health, sustainable weight loss, digestive health, and Autoimmune Specialist.

Tammie and her husband, Dr. Jerry Duggar, a chiropractor specializing in functional medicine, are the owners of Duggar Wellness, in Bountiful, Utah. Together they focus on finding root cause healing solutions for issues related to hormones, gut, autoimmunity, and more. They offer in-person appointments and work remotely with clients.

Find out more about Tammie, visit her website at: https://www.duggarwellness.com/about-tammie-duggar/

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at: @duggarwellness

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