The effects of technology on children's brains are immeasurable and will inevitably suffer needlessly. Previous mainstream parenting methods will not protect them.


LaMonte and his daughter McKelle have taught hundreds of people to transform the way they use their brain and relieve them from debilitating mental patterns including all types of mental health struggles and addiction.

By learning to reprogram one’s own brain, every single major mental health problem can be addressed and using the FLY model has the fastest permanent results of any previous methods. Massive increase in mental freedom and confidence to pass on to future generations for over 90% of their clients!

They are passionate about providing this priceless gift because of their own personal struggles and of those around them that held them hostage to their past thought patterns. They spent 2 years with Dr Oliver at The Neuro Clinic helping hundreds of patients one on one. Now they have programs that help hundreds at a time! As part of their programs they do group sessions that are miraculously life changing.

They are co-founders of Fulfill Life Yourself, LLC and LaMonte is the Author of NAAP a Guide for Mental Wellness Facilitators. This organization teaches facilitators and parents how to help others use their brain through the FLY Model and process. This transcends all previous methods and replaces mental health struggles with massive life fulfillment!

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