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Billy Moschella

Personal Chef

I am a cook and pastry chef specializing in the preparation of traditional Italian cuisine as well as international baked goods and pastries.  I was born and raised in Boston as part of a boisterous and colorful family of Italian-American restaurateurs, with roots stretching back to Genoa, Naples, and Sicily.

Throughout history, purveyors of fine cuisine, as well as those skilled in the arts of medicine and healing, have held fast to the belief that the secrets to health, happiness, and wisdom lie within the stomach, or as it has been called, ‘the seat of life’. wholesome, free-range, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients, when prepared with love by skilled hands and a passionate heart, have a way of bringing people together, thus strengthening the ties that bind.

Visit his website at https://betonytravelingcafe.com/

Want more info? Email him directly at [email protected]

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