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Max Willis, MIM

Max has worked in the nutritional supplement industry for 20 years & for 15 years, he oversaw Solaray, one of America’s largest dietary supplement brands.  With the philosophy that food should be our medicine, he has launched over 300 supplements in every category from herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, EFAs, etc.  

Born in Italy to a family of doctors, Max knew medicine was in his DNA, but didn’t like the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  He knew that all drugs started from an active constituent found in nature, so he focused his career on natural and integrative approaches. 

In 2017, Max launched the #1 growth probiotic line called Solaray Mycrobiome® and has lectured around the world on microbiome medicine, CBD, bioidentical hormones and many other topics. Today he serves as the Chief Innovation & Science Officer at Nutraceutical Corporation, based in Park City, Utah.  Nutraceutical owns 50 dietary supplement and personal care brands and sells more supplements than any other company in the Health Food Channel. 

Max lives in beautiful Midway, Utah and is married with 4 children.

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