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Karla Norton


Karla Norton has a passion for helping others live their best life. She has been in the health and wellness industry since 1992.  

As a certified phlebotomist, and certified nutrition coach she has led hundreds of biometric health screenings educating participants on cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and body composition.

As a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has taught all kinds of fitness classes from step aerobics, spinning, HIIT, resistance training, water aerobics, foam rolling and yoga. She has worked with the novice client to the pro athlete. Currently she is working at Own My Health a corporate wellness company specializing in holistic healthcare for business groups and individuals in Salt Lake City as their lead technician and personal trainer. On Friday evenings, she can be found teaching a core conditioning class and a foam rolling class at Snowbird Ski Resort at the Cliff Spa and training clients online.

She loves trying new plant based recipes, hiking with her family, biking and skiing.

She believes that our bodies are a gift from God and through proper movement and eating healthy we can live our best life!

You can contact Karla at [email protected]  Or you can call her at 801-674-3538

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