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Overcoming Cancer With David Maughan

cancer Nov 19, 2019

David was a downwinder and developed severe health problems. There was not much hope for David until he took the matter into his own hands. By doing his own research, and implementing what he learned, he was able to increase his health and live a better life.  

You can find David at

[email protected]

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Dr Trevor Cates Clean Skin Within

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2019

Dr. Trevor Cates, know as the Spa Doctor teaches us about the importance of healthy skin. The health of our bodies shows up in our skin.

She explains what is inflammatory to our bodies. She teaches us how we can overcome this to have healthy skin.

Take her skin quiz and find out what type of skin you have. Visit

Visit her website to receive her FREE book "Clean Skin From Within"

You can find Doctor Cates at


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Heart Disease with Dr Ray Andrew

heart disease Oct 28, 2019

Ray Andrew, MD, is a compassionate and skilled physician at Prestige Wellness Institute in Utah County and Moab, Utah. Dr. Andrew specializes in functional and regenerative medicine and offers a variety of services to help men and women restore their health.  

Prestige Wellness Institute offers hormone therapy, IV therapy, Prolozone, and other pain therapies focused pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (Ondamed), and treatment of sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction and female anorgasmia.

Dr. Andrew and his team at Prestige Wellness Institute are passionately committed to helping patients achieve their fullest health potential using the most advanced technologies available.

Recognizing the ineffectiveness of the assembly line approach to medical care, he gives each patient his full attention, striving to treat the actual causes of health problems rather than covering them up with temporary bandages. Dr. Andrew doesn’t merely help his patients live longer;...

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Natural Cosmetics with Lauren Brooke

cosmetics Oct 15, 2019


Lauren Brooke is the owner of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques. After being sick for many years, she went on a quest to find answers. Many chemicals are found in women cosmetics contributing and compromising their health. After not finding many brands that were chemical free, she created her own line of cosmetics. She specializes in beautiful makeup for every women.

You can find Lauren Brooke at



Phone# 8019010832

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Ancient Grains with Greg Hall

ancient grains Oct 07, 2019


A thousand years ago, grains were pure.  A hundred years ago, grains were still pure - but not any more.

Kamut, Spelt, Einkor and Emmer and other grains like quinoa, amaranth, flax, buckwheat and teff are all ancient grains. All have a wonderful, unique taste and all are highly nutritious.

Greg talks to us about these ancient grains and how we can enjoy grains again once more.

You can find Greg at


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Finding Hope Though Mental Illness with Casey Hermansen

mental illness Oct 03, 2019


What happens when our lives come crashing down and we can't find answers? Casey Hermansen was a very successful businessman when his wife's mental illness took a turn. Together they had to find other options to help her. Through their personal journey, they found alternative ways that saved her, their family, and their relationship.

Find Casey at [email protected]



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Ninja Warrior With Alex Weber

Alex is a nationally recognized speaker on health. He has spoken on NBCs American Ninja Warrior, TEDx, LinkedIn, Goalcast, and Stanford Business.  He just competed on America Ninja Warrior and is an Award-Winning Performer. He use these experiences to speak on Leadership, Performance, and how we can overcome our Fears, Failures, and Challenges to achieve our goals.


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Choose to Be Limitless with Brett Lechtenberg

empowerment Sep 17, 2019


Brett Lechtenberg is a nationally recognized expert on Business and personal empowerment.   His transformational skills including entrepreneurial coaching; systems development and implementation; as well as personal mastery and family safety. 

Through his businesses, comprehensive lecture series,
motivational speaking and other courses. Brett has trained thousands of everyday people to empower themselves both physically and mentally, as they learn effective methods of personal empowerment.

Brett is the author and creator of both Operation Limitless and The Anti-Bully Program.  Both are comprehensive programs that teach adults and/or children how to handle a variety of situations. These and his other books are available on Amazon and The Anti-Bully Program recently top the charts on and became a #1 Best Seller.  Brett also produces a weekly web video blog with free anti-bully training for parents and...

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EFT with Arden Compton

self help Sep 04, 2019

Arden has a Masters of Science degree from Brigham Young University, and a degree as a Naturopathic Doctor from the Trinity College of Natural Health. He has an unyielding passion for helping people be the best they can be and experience the freedom that comes from being free of limiting beliefs.

He is an EFT practitioner and sees clients at his office in Brigham City and also through video conferencing.

You can find Arden at:

or you can email him at:

 [email protected]

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Creating The Impossible Dream With Bill Schuffenhauer

inspirational Sep 04, 2019

Bill Schuffenhauer is a 3 X Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist that attended Weber State University. He grew up on the hard streets of Salt Lake City and eventually overcame against all odds his upbringing to accomplish the impossible. Now, as an entrepreneur and owner of and a global mento, Bill also is the President of the Utah Olympians and Paralympians Association of Utah and partner in Operation Limitless Bill stays as an active community supporter in many facets. Bill was just recently inducted into the Utah Sports Hall of Fame along with the Weber State Sports hall of fame. As a professional speaker, Bill shares his story with individuals and organizations around the world.

Find Bill at these websites:

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