When You Just Want to Be Heard

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You hurt, and you’ve hurt for a long time. Your doctor says there’s nothing wrong with you, that your tests are normal.

So you do some research, and you go to another doctor with your ideas. That doctor does another test, which comes back normal, so she says there’s nothing wrong with you.

But you know there’s something wrong. Because you still hurt. Because you’re still exhausted. And now you’re discouraged, wondering if maybe it IS all in your head.

Every single practitioner at Be Healthy Utah has heard this story over and over again. Some have even lived it themselves.


Liz Watt

Liz Watt, a cofounder of Be Healthy Utah, spent 20 years in a constant cycle of pain, inflammation, joint problems, pH imbalance, skin sensitivities, and so much more. But the symptom that troubled her most was numbness throughout her body: in various places her skin no longer felt any sensations. She says:

“I went to multiple doctors and tried different treatments, but nothing helped for very long. I had chiropractic care, massage treatments, saw a podiatrist and an orthopedist all for my inflammations issues. At one point I even ended up in a wheelchair because I couldn’t walk.

“I finally found relief when I addressed my issues through proper nutrition, including eliminating gluten and incorporating fermented and cultured foods. Changing my family’s diet led to additional healing for my daughter’s eczema and my son’s allergies. It felt like a miracle.

“In my practice at Journey of Healing, I have met with so many people who have been through similar experiences: not finding answers, being told their pain is all in their head. Sometimes they just want to be heard and understood. I know what they’ve been through, and I know that there is hope.”

Your journey may not be exactly like Liz’s, or anyone else’s for that matter. But at Be Healthy Utah, you are surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through. People who will listen, and people who can help.

Come find hope and healing with people who understand.

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