LaRee Westover

LaRee Westover, with her husband,  have been studying and living various natural medicine modalities for over thirty years.  Her experience includes the use of essential oils, herbals,  and homeopathy, as well as energy work and foot zone therapy.  She has an extensive knowledge of plants, their family groups, and their individual medicinal qualities.   
Using this knowledge as a springboard, LaRee has been able to relate the specific energies of each plant and how each is utilized within its specific modality as she has compiled the information for each of her four books.  Her practical, no nonsense, hands-on approach has inspired countless people to make the leap to natural healing.
LaRee teaches, “To feel the living spirit and intelligence of each plant is the true foundation of alternative medicine.  Just as each plant can exemplify the attributes of our loving Father, so can the plants personify some lessons about the operation of the body and the soul.  The possibilities for learning are endless.  To think  ‘alternatively’ is to think differently; we must think as nature does—holistically.  Nature emphasizes the whole, rather than the precise piece, and nature has an inherent logic and wisdom.”  
Whether it is through essential oils, herbs, homeopathics, or energy, LaRee’s insight into the natural world is precise and helpful to the novice as well as the more advanced practitioner.
Class Details:
Essential Oils and First Aid (Dr Mom)
Dr. Mom encounters everything from sunburns, scraped knees to fevers and the flu.  If you are like me you don’t want to rub chemicals on that cut but you also don’t want the cut to become infected.  Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of essential oils.  Help the cut to start healing while disinfecting and most importantly doing no harm with chemicals.  With essential oils, you can help your children with everything from hormone balance to self-esteem and so much more. 
To find out more about LaRee and to see if this class is for you, please visit Butterfly Express website HERE.
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