The #1 Thing Keeping You from Better Health

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The Bad News

YOU and your mindset are the biggest things keeping you from the health you deserve.

Maybe your doctor has given you a diagnosis. Diabetes. Crohn’s disease. Cancer. And you accept it. You take measures to control or eradicate the condition, but it becomes who you are, the story you tell.

Or maybe you just haven’t felt well in a long time. Your digestion is fussy, you don’t sleep well, and you have various aches and pains. And you accept it. You try a few things, but nothing really fixes it. You get used to it.

In both cases, fear may be a factor that keeps you from exploring and using natural methods of healing. You ask, “Will it work?” “Do I really have to change my diet and lifestyle?” “I’m not sure I can give up sugar.”

BHU 2020 speaker and parathlete Jeff Griffin teaches, “Most individuals, if not all, are paralyzed or have been paralyzed in the past by doubt and fear.” These fears and doubts are keeping you sick and tired.

Far too many people live their whole lives this way. You don’t have to be one of them.

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The Good News

YOU and your mindset are the biggest things keeping you from the health you deserve.

And if you’re the problem, you are also the solution. It’s never too late to start improving your health. 

Karen Urbanek, a favorite speaker at Be Healthy Utah, puts it this way: “The first stage of healing from any disease is mental. We have to stop identifying with disease.”

You are not your disease. You can make positive changes and feel better, no matter your current condition. And Be Healthy Utah can help.

At the 2020 Be Healthy Utah conference, you can learn how to...

  • Reduce chronic inflammation, the root of many diseases.
  • Improve your gut health and microbiome, also the root of many conditions.
  • Treat low thyroid and adrenals naturally.
  • Improve your mindset and overcome seemingly impossible challenges.
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease and increase longevity.
  • And much, much more.

Change your story. Change your mindset. Change your health. Come learn, and then ACT on what you have learned to make serious changes to your health and wellness.

It IS possible. And you are worth it.

Want to get reliable information from experts on how YOU can start feeling better? Come to the 2020 Be Healthy Utah natural health and wellness conference! Get more information here.

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