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Jared St. Clair is an enthusiastic herbalist, natural supplement formulator and Radio and podcast host. Jared began his career at the very young age of 7 as he shadowed his parents in their health store.  By the age of 15 Jared was managing his parent’s store for them.  Jared’s love for the family business and passion for the industry and helping customers eventually led him to purchase the store at the age of 22.

Jared has owned Vitality Nutrition in Bountiful, Utah for nearly 30 years now. Through one on one interaction with his clients at Vitality along with countless hours of research, he has developed effective protocols for many of the most common health concerns including digestive health, depression, anxiety, immune dysfunction, hormone balance, and even women's hair loss.  His formulations for RidgeCrest herbals, 10 Day Results, Brand New Day and other brands have proven to be highly effective and have been the means to better health for many grateful clients and customers that have sought out his professional advice. 

Jared’s desire to educate people outside of his own store led him to host his own talk show beginning in 2008 on 1280 AM and 97.5 FM The Zone, The Utah Jazz Radio Network, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Jared currently hosts Vitality Radio every Saturday morning from 9:00-10:00 am MT.  Vitality Radio is also a Podcast, with episodes released twice a week. His show takes a close look at flaws found in the modern health care industry, government overreach in our health decisions, and discusses natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and more.

A new class of probiotics known as psychobiotics shows incredible promise for improving mental and gut health. Jared explains the latest research on the gut-brain connection and real solutions you can use now

visit his website HERE.

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