The Road To Recovery From MS With Alice Sydow

Season #1

Alice Sydow is a Color Analysis and Wardrobe Stylist who works with the energy of color. She is also a featured writer in Beating Multiple Sclerosis: Empowering Stories of Self-Healing and Thriving.

Although she began her styling career 15 years ago, it wasn't until a prescription drug overdose occurred on her way to a closet edit, which left her walking with a cane, that she began to look within herself for answers. She discovered how to reverse the programming she had been taught about the condition and began telling a new story.

Through healing her body, she learned how to work with color and the body's energy system. She shares with her clients how to use the energy of color in what they wear and how to bring balance to their lives.

Follow Alice: @styleyourglow369

Email: [email protected]


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