Why Your Food Matters

Season #1

Why your gut health matters. How to eliminate protein farts. Why paying more for a product is worth it. What are superfoods really? All of these, plus many more questions, are answered on the podcast today.

Jacqueline Smith grew up in the Fitness Industry. She was a full-time mom for many years and homeschooled her 5 children. She helped her husband start his plumbing business over 20 years ago. Eventually, she ran for U.S. Congress in the First District of Utah. After leaving politics behind, she became a public speaker, worked for a motivational company, and co-authored her first book. That's when E3 Energy Cubes was born in her mind. Tired of eating healthy foods that tasted horrible or just finding things that claimed health and really didn't have good quality ingredients, she and a former business partner got busy and learned all about nutrition, energy, and the best way to combine them for optimal health benefits.









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