#52 Struggles of Losing Weight with Talia Riley

Season #1

Have you ever struggled with your eight? Our weight can be one of our biggest health challenges. Talia has gained and lost 80 pounds 5 different times in her life. She has seen the reasoning behind why we gain weight, how to loos it, and most importantly, how to take it off.

She now helps other women who struggle with body image and self-control around food. Visit her website at TaliaRiley.com. She offers a fantastic 8-week online and one-on-one coaching program for 50% off with Promo code Ignite50.

Follow Talia at:

Website: TaliaRiley.com

Listen to her podcast Podcast Freedom Fight Ignite: https://www.taliariley.com/podcasts/freedom-flight-ignite-2

Instagram: @TransformationwithTalia

FaceBook: Talia Riley


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