#49 Mold, The Silent Killer with Mike Adams

Season #1

Mike has been involved in the remediation of homes for the past two decades. He is Co-owner, along with his son, of Pure Maintenance Holdings, which currently has over 165 licensees throughout the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. He has been awarded three patents, which include two remediation equipment patents and one remediation process patent. Mike recently authored a book called "Breaking the Mold" which will be available on Amazon and on Mypureproducts.net. Mike is the Co-host of a Podcast called "Mold Matters." Mike has personally treated over 3500 homes and has been involved in such high-profile projects as the renowned "House of Blues" in New Orleans and numerous projects with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Mike is a Certified Commercial Building Inspector and a Certified Mold Remediator.

You can Follow Mike at:

Facebook (@puremaintenancehq) and (@mymoldmatters)

Instagram (@puremaintenance)

Podcast: My Mold Matters

Book is available at www.pureproducts.com


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