#48 The Simple 7 Lifestyle With Dr. Jerry and Tammie Duggar

Season #1

Dr. Jerry and Tammie Duggar share a personal mission to enrich the lives of others by helping them maximize their health potential.

Dr. Duggar attended chiropractic school at Life University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laud. He has built a thriving private practice in Bountiful, Utah. He has earned a reputation as a pioneer and holistic healing approaches. He practices integrative chiropractic, functional medicine, lifestyle coaching, regenerative therapies, and other cutting-edge modalities to help people suffering from fatigue, depression, weight issues, hormone imbalance, digestive problems, and other challenging health Conditions. He regularly coaches clients outside of Utah as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner via his Tele health coaching practice.

Tammie Duggar has the sole purpose of healing nature and enriching other people. She is an author and contributor to several cookbooks designed to help people reconnect with real food, fall in love with the meal preparation process, and recapture something special that our culture has lost. Tammy's health journey has taught her the importance of building a complete wellness lifestyle. She loves to empower her coaching clients with these simple tools That will propel them towards their health goals. Her passion for food and nutrition culminated in nutrition. She then became a master-certified transformational nutrition coach from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

Dr. Jerry and Tammie are natural teachers who love sharing their knowledge through their books, blogs, podcast interviews, online educational programs, and live events.

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