What is Shamanism with Dannielle Bryan

Season #1

A skilled teacher and Master practitioner of Energy Medicine, Dannielle has integrated the principles of Shamanism into her professional and personal life as a study, a spiritual practice, and a lived experience for over 20 years.

Specializing in individual client sessions, workshops, retreats, and ceremonies, Dannielle is a master at bringing the spiritual and energetic realm into relatable, tangible practices that are useful and transformational in everyday life.

She brings her signature humor and warmth to her practice, her parenting, and her community. The lessons, insights, and wisdom she has cultivated is what she lovingly and happily shares with the world.

You Follow Dannielle at:

Website: www.shamanictwist.com

Facebook: @ShamanicTwist

Instagram: @shamanic_twist and @shamanic_institute


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