#35 Creating A Nutritional Foundation With Carie L. Cox

Season #1

Carie has a degree in Nutrition Science and graduated with ​honors. She continued her education to certify as a Family Herbalist at Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing. She is currently working on getting certification as Nutritional Herbalist. She has spent her life on a personal journey towards health and wellness.

A family history of the gene mutation for breast cancer and other struggles with an eating disorder as a child has been the fuel to become more strong physically and nutritionally.

As a nutritionist and with her personal background, she had an excellent reason to learn and understand how to support the body. To prevent further disease-causing mutations through biohacking and understanding the gut, and learning the foundation of many other health concerns.

Follow Carie at:

Website: www.utahfoundationalnutrition.com

FaceBook: @Roxygymratnutritionist

Instagram and YouTube: Utahfoundationalnutrition


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