#34 Understanding Homeopathy With Neil Schultz

Season #1

Neil has been very personally involved in Natural Health for 13 years since being diagnosed with terminal Cancer. He has taken the road of Natural Medicine to stay alive. After being told by the oncologist there was nothing that could be done, Neil went on a quest to not only help himself but those he teaches. Neil Is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath. Neil has also pursued extensive work and training in Homeopathy and is a Certified expert in Homeoprophylaxis from world renowned Dr. Cilla Whatcott and Dr. Isaac Golden from Australia. He is also Certified in Cease Therapy. Neil is a Professor of Homeopathy for the School of Know Your Wellness and for the School of Holistic Healing. Neil has also certified in Bio-feedback testing and is trained in Cupping, Guasha, Accutouch Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, other sound and vibrational therapies and Pain, Anxiety and Depression therapy from Dr. Howard Schubiner. Neil is a co-owner of Integrative Bio Health and Vibrant Life Wellness Center with his wife of 48 years Debra. Together they teach classes in all things related to Health and Nutrition using a strong scriptural foundation. Over the last 10 years he has extensively researched cancer protocols and how to reactivate the body's own healing mechanism. He has become Board Certified in Homeoprophylaxis, Master Herbologist, Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition, Traditional Naturopath, AND he is a Professor of Homeopathy at the International Institute of Wellness.


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