The Power of Meditation

A Source of Quiet, Daily Strength

People meditate for a variety of reasons, from expanding their spiritual awareness to simple relaxation. Regardless of your motivation, meditation can improve your health and well-being.

Why Meditate?

Mediation can reduce stress and anxiety, which can decrease blood pressure, improve sleep, and possibly even help fight addiction. Meditation enhances self-awareness and may also reduce age-related memory loss (source).

One reason people don't meditate is because they think it has to be more than what it is. While many people use meditation as a spiritual practice, at its heart meditation is getting into a relaxed state so your mind can process information more clearly.

How to Meditate

Sitting in a Chair

The first step with meditation is allowing yourself to relax. Some people are not comfortable sitting on the floor. Meditating on a chair allows you to open up while being very relaxed.

Hand placement affects your meditation. Placing your hands palm up helps open your mind and allows information from above and around to enter your thoughts, while placing hands palms down on your leg allows you to focus more inwardly on self-discovery.

Lying Down

Lie on your back with your legs against the wall in a 90 degree angle. This position relaxes every part of your body. With your body totally relaxed, you can just focus on your breathing. Slow your breathing and breathe deeply, but don’t force it. Your breathing should feel natural.

Meditating on your back also opens your mind for visualization. Visualize who you are striving to be, where you want to go, and how your life is being planned out perfectly.

Repeating a Mantra

Mantras are words or phrases that are meaningful to you, such as the name of deity or an uplifting affirmation. Repeating a mantra is a good way to meditate when you may not be able to sit or lie down in a quiet place, such as when you are at work, sitting in traffic, or waiting for your children. This is a great way to teach kids to relax when they are at school or with friends.

Take a deep breath and touch the top of each fingertip one at a time while repeating your mantra in your mind or out loud. Allow your mind, body, and spirit to reconnect and center yourself. 

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