After nearly losing my daughter to suicide, I'm a mom on a mission. We're bringing hope, help, education, and entertainment around the globe!

Brandy Vega is a cutting-edge entrepreneur, a skillful media guru, best selling author, a loyal mother, a spirited philanthropist, and a driven advocate. At age 17, she graduated high school early to join the Army as a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist. At 20 years old, Brandy landed her first on-air job as a reporter for FOX News, making her the youngest reporter ever hired by the station. She has produced shows for worldwide audiences and went on to build her own video production company – Vega Media Studios in 2014. She created her own nonprofit organization called Good Deed Revolution in 2015 and has helped hundreds of people. In 2021, Brandy nearly lost her 14-year-old daughter to suicide and shifted her work to Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. Her life goal is to live the title of her book, Bringing Value, Solving Problems, and Leaving a Legacy.

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