Choose to Be Limitless with Brett Lechtenberg

empowerment Sep 16, 2019


Brett Lechtenberg is a nationally recognized expert on Business and personal empowerment.   His transformational skills including entrepreneurial coaching; systems development and implementation; as well as personal mastery and family safety. 

Through his businesses, comprehensive lecture series,
motivational speaking and other courses. Brett has trained thousands of everyday people to empower themselves both physically and mentally, as they learn effective methods of personal empowerment.

Brett is the author and creator of both Operation Limitless and The Anti-Bully Program.  Both are comprehensive programs that teach adults and/or children how to handle a variety of situations. These and his other books are available on Amazon and The Anti-Bully Program recently top the charts on and became a #1 Best Seller.  Brett also produces a weekly web video blog with free anti-bully training for parents and children. He is also a Platinum level author on Ezine Articles.

Brett has recently been the featured guest on several media outlets includes the Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio show, Good Morning Lake Martin TV show, and a nationally sponsored webinar for the clients of Member Solutions. On each of these shows, Brett gave tips to the viewers and listeners on how to handle bullying situations and structure anti-bully programs. Brett’s new, big project is his YouTube show which airs weekly. The show is called Living Safe and Empowered and it discusses anti-bully and other safety topics for parents and children.

You can find Brett at 


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