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Bill Schuffenhauer

Olympic Athlete

Bill Schuffenhauer is a 3-Time Olympian and Olympic Silver medalist that has overcome extreme adversity to achieve his dreams as a Champion in Life! As a speaker, trainer and mentor, he teaches key concepts of success in business and life to leaders and organizations around the world!

Bill has worked with clients from Non-profit to technology and currently serves as an advisor to the Technology industry, Utah Olympic Foundation for the 2030-34 Winter Olympic Bid and several other individuals and organizations across the USA.

The Olympic and Business success principals I have used to achieve such a high level of success are customized to each client’s needs and we provide real life solutions they can apply to help educate, inspire and transform their organizations.

Find out more about Bill on his website: www.OlympianSpeaks.com

Follow him on Facebook: @OlympianSpeaks

Follow him on Instagram: @billschuffenhauer

Watch a Preview of his documentary "Against All Odds Bill Schuffenhauer"


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