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Learn which remedies to use for flu, fevers, ear infections, strep, croup, vomiting, bleeding, sprains, depression, anxiety, and more! You will be prepared to manage your family’s health at home.

Angie Christensen is a wife, mother of three adopted special needs children, and a passionate educator of holistic healing.

Angie has been trained in holistic nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, biomedical interventions, neurofeedback, and energy therapy. Since 2014, Angie has taught thousands of people how to activate their body’s innate power to heal by providing the needed building blocks and eliminating the things causing stress and imbalance.

Her unique approach to nutrition, called Simply Divine Eating, teaches people how to get off the rollercoaster of diets by simplifying and personalizing healthy eating.

Angie loves cooking and “editing” recipes to make them healthy. She teaches cooking classes and hosts cooking retreats to teach others how to give their favorite foods a delicious “makeover” in the kitchen. She also provides personal mentoring through her program Simply Divine Healing that gives individuals the tools they need to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Learn more at www.simplydivineeating.com and her YouTube channel, Simply Divine Eating.

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