Ray Andrew M.D.

Early on, Dr. Andrew learned that his patients' needs were not being met by the drugs he prescribed. So, reaching outside the box, he learned to revitalize patients through bio-identical hormones. Dubbed "The Hormone Doctor," he attracted patients from all over Utah and surrounding states to his Utah County and Moab offices. But, miraculous as they are, hormones don't work alone.

So The Hormone Doctor pursued fellowship training in functional medicine. This enabled him to help people with a wider variety of health problems, including digestive complaints, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, obesity, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, and female problems.

Patients discovered they could transform their health, often achieving a state of wellbeing not experienced in decades. People who think they're just getting older; have forgotten what it's like to feel good; have tried everything; or been told it's all in their head, now find themselves getting back into sports, hobbies, travel, meaningful work, or playing with the kids again.

Beyond hormones, patients at Prestige Wellness Institute benefit from IV therapy, chelation, stem cells, Prolozone pain therapy, cellular detoxification, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), gut repair, cancer support, P-Shot, O-Shot, wave therapy (erectile dysfunction), and much more. 

To learn more about Dr. Andrew and see if these classes are for you, visit his website HERE.

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