Are women really that different from men? Explore the fascinating intricacies of female physiology to better understand your own body or to better support the important women in your life.

Hi, I’m Tonya - the owner and founder of PadaLily Living, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (CHWC), Rhythm & Cycles Specialist, and Licensed Menopause Champion. I help women navigate the complexities of women’s health by teaching them how to work WITH their own unique biology. Let’s face it, no one tells us what’s really going on with our bodies and that needs to change. Starting at puberty, women are burning themselves out trying to navigate a world that was not built around our cyclical nature. We are not small men and we need a different course of action when it comes to managing our energy and honoring our bodies - especially as we navigate the physical and mental challenges of midlife. For this reason, I specialize in guiding women in aligning their daily routines and circadian rhythm with their hormonal cycles. By learning to work with your unique female physiology, you can experience relief from your menstrual/menopausal symptoms, improved daily energy, hormonal balance, and a greater sense of well-being at all hormonal stages of life.

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