In this fabulous presentation you will find a holistic approach and solutions to help you heal your body, with infertility issues, weight gain, and to help you find clarity to SOAR in 2024!

Talia is a member of the National Speakers Association, A Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Mentor, Online course creator, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a SOAR Mindset Coach. Talia helps Individuals so they can SOAR with clarity, confidence, and communication skills to embrace opportunities, without staying confined, by chaos. Talia loves to teach her holistic approach to weight loss and infertility as she personally has gained and lost 80 lbs five times and had 10 pregnancies to get her 4 children. She can help you SOAR!

Instagram: @transformationwithtalia, @creating confident communication

Facebook: @TaliaRiley and TaliaRileyCoaching

@food freedom coach talia

@creating confident communication

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