In this class, you will learn healthy routines that will help you renew your mind and body, 8 herbs to have on hand at all times, and how to use cleansing practices to help you deeply heal.

Michelle's initial studies were to become a PA, but health challenges in her life lead her to become a Master Herbalist, Holistic Iridologist, Health Coach, and Author instead.

An accident caused Michelle to look into natural options to heal her scars. This lead her to create her own natural healing skin care line and cleansing protocols that healed her skin and restored her confidence.

When she was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2010, she created a systematic healing detox program that she published to help her and thousands of others to reclaim their health.

Michelle teaches the power of simple routines that allow her clients to make positive changes that change their health for the better. She teaches how to create a healing shower routine, the power of cleansing, and how to get started on your own healing journey without breaking the bank.

Michelle is here to help you Restore Your Glow! Michelle has been educating in the natural healing world for 15 years.

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