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Rabecca Adams is an inspiration to many. As a successful business owner and mother of 5 young kids, Rabecca was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2014 and was told she had six months to live. During this time, she was intuitively guided to pursue an alternative path to healing. Her journey led her to step into her own spiritual gifts, and true calling as a Shamanic energetic practitioner. After her healing experience, she realized it was time to restructure her business so she could dedicate her life to deep study of spiritual healing. She has training in several areas- shamanism, yoga, reiki, intuitive coaching, and sound healing. Rabecca's greatest passion now is empowering others to bring healing into their own lives, which she does both through private sessions, small group events and retreats. 

When she’s not holding space for clients, you can find Rabecca spending time with her 7 children, holding her new grand baby, working on her land in Wanship,  hanging out with her friends, or listening to a favorite book.

Weaving together two ancient healing arts of Yoga & Shamanism, Rabecca will guide you to connect with the depth of your soul’s knowing. This practice will take you to a deeper level of connection to your own innate wisdom while feeling the support of your ancestors. A true yoga shamanic way is your unique way and this is a space where your body, mind, and soul can truly feel free to express itself. 

The Yoga guided is accessible to all levels of experience.

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